At Indoor Storage Solutions, our fees are based on the lineal feet of space required, not by the type of vehicle, so pricing is simple and affordable.

For Boats • RVs • Automobiles

Rates are based on per lineal foot of space required, per month, based on the contracted term

Rates 30 Days 6 Months* 1 Year*
per lineal ft. $10.00 $9.00 $7.50

Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice.
*Contract Term Minimums

Additional Information Regarding Storage Fees:

  1. Additional fees are applied to overwidth boats (i.e. boats that exceed 10 feet in width).  There is an additional $1 per linear foot for overwidth boats.

  2. Additional fees are applied if power is required (there is a $10 per month charge for power).

  3. Storage fees are due upon arrival.  Payment plans are available but may be subject to additional fees (i.e. monthly payment plans are subject to a $7.50 per month administration fee).

  4. Fees for Motorbikes and Tyee Boats are based upon a flat rate of $50 per month + GST.

  5. The length of a stored item is to be confirmed by us (measured) upon arrival.

  6. For storage over the fall/winter months, there is a 6 month minimum storage duration required (reservations must be made in advance and we suggest that you contact us by August if you require fall/winter storage as we sell out each season).


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